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Tara Seay is a highly skilled and dedicated nail specialist who is passionate about the health of her clients' feet and hands. A licensed nail specialist with over 22 years of experience, Tara brings on board her expertise to assist her clients to maintain healthy nails. Fueled by her fascination for natural nails and a passion to serve. Neaten by Tara Seay is a nail salon that offers premium nail care services using only the best quality products. She offers a wide array of services including corrective nail care, diabetic and geriatric foot treatments, and wellness pedicures just to name a few. Excellence and exemplary client experience have been the hallmarks of her service throughout her career. 

Tara's core priority is her customers' satisfaction. Clients trust her ability to address their concerns and they rest assured that they will receive the utmost care. She takes into consideration every client's individualism, listening carefully to their concerns and addresses them accordingly. Tara is well known for her devotion to her work and professionalism. She has won praises from clients and colleagues alike for her precision and flawless execution of nail care services and treatments. She strives to foster a long term relationship with each client she interacts with. Consequently, her business has registered tremendous growth as a result of repeat clients and referrals.

A forward-thinking entrepreneur, Tara coined the concept, The Art of Nailscape, referring to making the nail bed more attractive by reconstructing it when it has been damaged from improper pedicure or manicure techniques. Tara has perfected the skill of restoring damaged nails to their natural state. She equips her clients with expert advice on proper nail care regimens. Tara has recently embarked on training workshops where she seeks to share her knowledge with budding nail care professionals, nurturing them to become proficient in their craft.

Tara expounds on her educational background to identify nail and skin disorders, to conduct foot and leg evaluations, and to provide diabetic and geriatric foot care. Her education equipped her with invaluable practical skills that have been instrumental to her success as a nail care specialist. 

Tara's other interests cut across the biology and agriculture field. In her spare time, she loves traveling, going to the beach, fishing, gardening and farming.

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